• Enjoy the beauty, wildlife, fresh air and pristine night skies at 8100 ft. altitude in the midst of 1.1 million acres of the Lincoln National Forest in the Sacramento mountains of southern New Mexico.
  • We welcome you into our home and family. We share housework, conversation, laughter and some meals together.
  • Study and quiet thought are encouraged by intentionally limiting distractions such as television and noise. Gather for informal discussion around one of our five fireplaces and three wood stoves.
  • Individual guided study is available using our growing library of books, audio/video tapes, CDs and DVDs. Computers and high-speed internet access are available for study purposes.
  • We have overnight accommodations for approximately fourteen people, and a large meeting room for groups of up to thirty-five. Our teaching facility and chapel have state-of-the-art video and audio equipment.
  • Our chapel accommodates over 50 persons. It's the main venue for our annual Christmas at Cloudhaven celebration.
  • A private two-bedroom guest house with separate kitchen and laundry facilities is available for families and small groups.
  • We have a no pet policy for guests—more on that here.

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