Rates for guests

We are interested in accommodating all who have a genuine need to be at Cloudhaven. We are not a commercial bed and breakfast or a hotel, and therefore require a sense of the spiritual reasons our guests desire to come. But having said that, we’re not hard to convince!

We speak of our rates as “suggested donations” because we are willing to consider on an individual basis exceptions based on need. We do not want finances to prevent someone coming whom God is calling to Cloudhaven’s ministry. 

As of January 1st, 2018, we are no longer accepting groups or serving meals in the main house. We are accepting  families and small groups of up to six persons in Cloudhaven’s “guest house.” A suggested donation of $100 per night helps with utilities and housekeeping. We prefer one check or cash payment per group, and do not accept credit cards. If you wish to discuss other financial arrangements, just contact us by phone or email

Guests provide their own meals elsewhere or via the guest house kitchen. The guest house has a kitchen with basic utensils and dishes, a toilet with shower, dining room with fireplace,  living room, one bedroom with three single bunk beds, another bedroom with a queen and a single bed, laundry facilities and an outside covered deck/porch with a mountain view.

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