What we do

  • Facilitate individual and group study toward growth in understanding of the Bible, history, philosophy, our cultural environment, and Christian thinking vs. competing contemporary world views.
  • Provide a safe place to ask serious questions and get honest answers.
  • Hold regular Bible studies and classes geared toward the needs of our community, students and visitors.
  • Host movie nights with a large screen, surround sound presentation of a Hollywood, independent or foreign movie followed by a discussion time.
  • Sponsor workshops, performances and showings to encourage local and guest artists, writers and musicians.
  • Provide a retreat for Christian missionaries, ministers and their families for rest, recreation, rejuvenation and private study.
  • Host college ministry groups, Christian organizations and church meetings and retreats.
  • Explore God's universe with telescopes and binoculars by night, and by enjoying the local forest and wildlife by day.
  • Provide opportunities for non-threatening corporate worship, prayer and fellowship in a home environment.
  • Partner with local churches and missionaries to meet personal needs and advance God's kingdom through the sharing of the good news of Jesus Christ.
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