Got “aperture fever?” We are offering our 20-inch aperture Obsession™ Dobsonian telescope with many extras for sale in order to downscale a bit. This instrument delivers extraordinary views of planets and deep space objects. Please contact Jim if you are interested. Details below…

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Obsession™ Classic 20-inch aperture ƒ5 Dobsonian telescope

  • Manufactured October 2003, serial # 927
  • Second owner, excellent condition, with many extras
  • Exceptional primary mirror by John Hudek of Galaxy Optics. Certified by wavefront interferometry, Strehl ratio of 0.931 
  • ƒ5 focal ratio means no coma correction necessary
  • RXDesign stainless steel teflon coated primary mirror support sling supports the mirror at its longitudinal center of gravity
  • Articulated multi-point mirror cell
  • Beautifully finished ApplePly™ mirror box with custom features
  • Aluminum truss tubes with thick foam covering for protection and comfortable handling in cold weather
  • Removable steel wheelbarrow mirror box handles and pneumatic wheels for easy transport
  • Premium Starlight Instruments 2.0 inch FeatherTouch™ focuser w/ 1.25 in. adapter
  • Ripstop nylon light shroud with stuff bag
  • Telrad™ illuminated reflex finder sight projects reticle on the sky
  • AstroSystems truss tube storage bag with carry straps
  • AstroSystems primary mirror cooling fan system with custom installation
  • AstroSystems secondary mirror cage storage bag
  • AstroSystems secondary mirror electronic dew heater system compares mirror and ambient air temperatures and operates heater only when necessary. Switchable power is delivered via the truss tubes, so no loose wiring
  • Custom wooden primary mirror stand for periodic cleaning
  • Premium Televue™ 8-24mm 1.25 in. click-stop zoom eyepiece
  • Howie Glatter 1.25/2.0 in. 635nm holographic barlowed laser collimator makes precise optical collimation quick and easy
  • Sturdy metal observation step ladder with accessory tray
  • Aluminum SUV/pickup/trailer folding loading ramps

RXDesign StellarCAT™ (ServoCAT™, c. 2005) kit installed by current owner

  • Complete automated goto functionality and object tracking with powerful precision servo control
  • Wildcard Innovations Argo Navis™ digital telescope navigation computer with large catalog of astronomical objects and various search functions
  • Easy two-star sky alignment procedure
  • Powered ground board, 12 volt DC system, “cigarette lighter” power cable
  • Precision 10K resolution optical encoders on both axes
  • Wired CATtail™ stalk mirror box mount for controller, computer electronics
  • ServoCAT mirror box mounting bracket for drive electronics
  • Wireless and wired handpad controllers 
  • Serial to USB Interface cable

A complete high quality observational package

  • All original documentation including certified primary mirror test data
  • For pickup near Cloudcroft, NM—fits in most standard size SUVs. 
  • Possible delivery negotiable within 100 miles
  • Asking $10,000, or trade for comparable Lunt Solar™ scope/mount
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